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    12 Weirdest Times U.S. Celebs Starred In Japanese Commercials

    Tommy Lee Jones is an extraterrestrial teacher in Tokyo. Beyoncé is a water sorceress.

    1. Tommy Lee Jones sensei didn't take shit from his Tokyo students.

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    The premise: An alien infiltrates Tokyo disguised as Tommy Lee Jones. Totally worth watching all of them here:

    2. Samurai Madonna slayed a dragon for a shochu on the rocks.

    3. Andy Warhol stood catatonically, shouting the names of colors in Japanese while light jazz played.

    4. Arnold Schwarzenegger slithered out of this woman's head as an energy drinks genie.

    Gov. Arnold of California:

    5. Kawaii Britney Spears touted gummy candy from a candy-colored private jet.

    6. Sylvester Stallone stared solemnly as a bouquet of dicks* erupt into the disgusting sky.

    *Sausages. Gourmet sausages.

    7. Beyoncé, Japanese water sorceress.

    8. Bruce Willis, stiffener of a limp football team.

    Eneos is actually an oil company, so that orange nozzle makes slightly more sense.

    9. John Travolta, dancing Sailor Moon villain.

    This was for an alcoholic drink.

    10. Ben Stiller, spokesperson for Japan's equivalent of Smirnoff Ice.

    11. And this James Brown commercial for Nissin Ramen must be played at full volume.

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    12. Holy god, Nicholas Cage's cowboy accent. And his weird song.

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