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    22 Funny-Ass Tweets That Only Rap Fans Can Relate To Today

    Strap on your headphones.

    In case you're unaware, Kendrick Lamar released an album today called, DAMN.


    Naturally, the Internet is in a tizzy because first of all, the album is really good, and secondly, Kendrick is one of the best rappers alive.

    Here's what Twitter had to say:

    1. They were changed.

    before and after listening to Kendrick's album

    2. People started grabbing awards.

    So want these Grammys for here or to go?

    3. They were concerned about their phone warranties.

    Now I gotta read the fine print on my Apple warranty to make sure it covers fire damage. Thanks Kendrick.

    4. Despite the fire, people were vibing, but concerned...

    Listening to Kendrick Lamar's new album #DAMN, but also keeping an eye out for missile strikes.

    5. Bombs were in fact dropped, via iTunes.

    The largest bomb in our arsenal was dropped this week and Kendrick released a new album, but I repeat myself.

    6. They asked "Drake, who?"

    When Kendrick fans hear #DAMN.

    7. No, really — Drake, WHO?!

    If you say Drake is better than Kendrick, I will never be able to trust your judgement ever again.

    8. People were HOT.

    Sitting in my room after the Kendrick album went off. #Damn

    9. They felt upgraded.

    My feelings described through 3 pictures. King Kendrick🔥💯😢 #DAMN

    10. Other rappers didn't stand a chance.

    This is what happened to the other rappers when Kendrick dropped his new album... #damn #kendricklamar

    11. People were shook.

    So Kendrick says: " I got loyalty got royalty inside my DNA" *beat switches* Me: GIMMIE GIMMIE GIMMIE GIMMIE GIMM…

    12. DAMN!

    13. Double DAMN!

    Kendrick Lamar's competition after hearing "DNA" #DAMN

    14. They were impressed.

    15. People made memes.

    16. Others threw insults.

    Kendrick is the best rapper artist of THIS ERA. Excluding NOBODY. Go debate your estranged father.

    17. Some even stated facts.

    Kendrick Lamar is 29 years old now which is weird since the average life span of a goat is typically 15-18 years

    18. Oh, also there's RIHANNA!

    This Kendrick x Rihanna track is a VIBE. For sure.

    19. *Listens to DNA on repeat*

    Kendrick just dropped the rap album of the year. If you ain't in agreement you got something wrong in your DNA.

    20. People realized shit.

    Kendrick calls himself Mr. 1-5 cause he already claimed all the top 5 rapper spots

    21. They just wanted to be left alone.

    When someone says Kendrick isn't the greatest... #Kendrick #DAMN

    22. Now, go listen!

    If you aren't listening to Kendrick right now you're part of the problem.