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If You Don't Know Who The Clermont Twins Are, You Better Ask Somebody

Two is always better than one.

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These two are Shannade and Shannon Clermont. They're identical twins, collectively known as the Clermont twins.

The sisters were recently the stars of Season 14 of Bad Girls Club (and they were actually the best part of this entire season).

Unfortunately, after some fuckery with the other cast members, the twins were asked to leave the show.

Background: the twins and Jela (another cast mate and friend) were asked to leave the show because several of the other cast members literally destroyed hundreds of thousands of dollars of their clothes, purses, and shoes. It was truly tragic. But if the twins had stayed in the house someone probably would have gotten murdered, so for the safety, of the cast and crew the girls had to go.

I'm so mad the Clermont twins got kicked off so early

Here's a clip of the twins' stuff being destroyed:

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Anyway, since exiting the show the twins have proved that they give no fucks and are still gettin' checks. They recently starred in Future's video "Real Sisters."

They also did a ~sexy shoot~ with Terry Richardson.

The 21-year-old twins from New York City are quickly becoming a smokin' hot modeling duo.

The clermont twins are everything­čśŹ

They wear their feelings on their sleeves (and chests).

And are both very sex-positive.

Some fans think that the Clermont twins are the hottest girls to have ever been cast on BGC, and it's honestly hard to deny that...

The Clermont Twins do something for me. A lot actually. It's effortless, baby.

Because the duo can absolutely serve you a LOOK ÔÇö from the front...

They also have adorable "twin" Yorkies named Chase and Chloe.

The twins are on the rise, and now that you know who they can tell all your friends you knew about them before anybody else.

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