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    23 Times Kanye Literally Couldn't Even Anymore

    It ain't Ralph, tho.

    1. Like when he had to resort to a Waffle House for nourishment.

    2. Or when this man tried to point him in the right direction and he had to look back for confirmation.

    3. And who could forget the time this guy asked Kanye if he would produce his next mixtape for him.

    4. Or when Deadmau5 tried to make a joke in public.

    5. Remember the time he couldn't even with Kim at this basketball game?

    6. Or the time when he was just like NOT TODAY.

    7. Kanye just doesn't like to be bothered with the problems of mere mortals.

    8. Because he gets bored easily.

    9. "Are you looking at my wife in an offensive way?"

    10. It's sort of difficult for him to live his life out loud. Shhhhhh.

    11. Fashion shows can sometimes be a drag.

    12. Especially when you catch him off guard.

    13. Or when you forget that he is in fact Kim's keeper.

    14. Sometimes it's difficult trying so hard NOT to be the center of attention.

    15. Even when he's trying to hide out, he still can't even.

    16. And don't even get him started when it comes to winter white versus summer white because there's a difference.

    17. "And can you even believe that they tried to mix black with brown?"

    18. "No...just no."

    19. When in public Kanye doesn't look at Kim, he looks at YOU looking at Kim.

    20. Even when giving a speech with "big brother" Jay-Z sometimes this is all just too much to handle.

    21. Because it's hard being a genius.

    22. And visionary.

    23. And trendsetter.

    24. Class dismissed.