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    Posted on Oct 14, 2015

    17 Relationship Goals That Are Actually Worth Achieving

    The eyes are the keys to the soul.

    1. The look Justin gives his Subway sandwich.

    2. In fact, sandwiches seem to get a lot of loving looks.

    3. The look Brennan's gives his delicious pretzel.

    4. Or the look Steve Aoki gives his book.

    5. Or the way Kendall looks at this adorable puppy.

    6. Or Demi's serious look of love she gives Wilmer.

    7. The look Nick gives Kevin.

    8. All of Piper and Alex's looks.

    9. The look of admiration and love Drake gives to his NBA friends.

    10. Rihanna's loving look for her blunt.

    11. Or 5sos's look at Marni.

    12. Wiz's joyusly loving look for his weed.

    13. Everyone deserves to experience the love that Taylor has for her cat.

    14. Karlie's loving look for Taylor knows no bounds.

    15. Nor does Kim's...Taylor is serious showered with looks of love from everyone.

    16. Henry and Armie's love looks are the stuff envy is made of.

    17. And finally, everyone deserves this genuine look of love and admiration.

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