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    16 People Who Are Quite Literally Murdering The Earth

    Plastic, plastic everywhere.

    1. Everyone knows you need plastic to cover your avocado for easy access:

    2. And of course your potatoes need a lovely plastic protective skin:

    3. Apples totally need to be in tennis ball containers:

    4. And speaking of apples, if there isn't a tennis ball container, they need some sort of ~other~ protection:

    5. This orange would have perished if it weren't for that plastic cup to go in:

    6. Why yes, I need my jelly beans individually covered in plastic:

    7. I need to be certain that my tea is protected in plastic:

    8. What is it with all the apples and plastic BAGS:

    9. This is a no from me, dog:

    10. So let me get this right, there are a bunch of little plastic containers to go along with the GIANT plastic container:

    11. Please shroud my plastic cup in...plastic:

    12. If it's already in a tin, maybe we don't need plastic, too?

    13. I am not OK with this unacceptable presentation of bananas:

    14. The turtles are literally sobbing at this monstrosity:

    15. LOL, peep the sign in the corner:

    16. And finally, please sir, a little more plastic:

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