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    Unequivocal Proof That Kim Kardashian Makes The Most Adorable Babies On The Planet

    And why does he look exactly like the brown baby emoji????

    Ok here's the thing. You know who Saint West is. He is the youngest child of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West.

    Kim Kardashian / Via

    Over the past week or so, Kim has been posting these ridiculously filtered, (they look like polaroids) but incredible adorable pics. It's pretty clear that the theme of her Instagram comeback is "family."

    Kim's been sharing snaps of her family that she hads't shared before.

    Kim Kardashian / Via

    And now at the ripe age of 1 year old (and 1 month), Saint is making his debut.

    Kim Kardashian / Via

    It's uncanny how similar he looks to the baby emoji... 👶🏽

    Kim Kardashian / Via

    This is literally him!!!


    Literally EXACTLY like this: 👶🏽

    Kim Kardashian / Via

    Kim's obviously very proud and honestly who wouldn't be?!

    Kim Kardashian / Via

    She already had one incredibly adorable kid and somehow she's been blessed with TWO!

    Kim Kardashian / Via

    Let's hope she keeps sharing more Saint with us because I can't get enough!

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