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What’s The Creepiest Story About Alien Encounters You’ve Heard?

Phone home.

Aliens have always been a controversial subject...

ABC / Via

Some are skeptical of their existence...

Maybe you've heard of the ancient astronauts theory? It claims aliens made contact with our prehistoric relatives, influencing current cultures and technologies.


You know that God guy you've heard so much about? Yeah. This theory says he's an alien.

Most people are skeptical of their existence. But others... believe that some weird shit has gone down. Like the theory that technology like the Stealth fighter jet and Kevlar armor were created by aliens.

Surely you've heard of the popular theory that the moon landing was faked?

NASA / Via

What about the theory that argues that our government has hidden evidence of UFOs visiting our planet?

Oorka / Getty Images

So, tell us: What's the craziest, spookiest, or just downright weirdest alien conspiracy theory you know of?

Let us know in the comments (or Dropbox) below for a chance to be featured in an upcoming BuzzFeed Community post or video.