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    We Talked To Jaden Smith About The Environment, Millennials, And Water

    "I feel like the younger generations do care more about the planet."

    Do you think younger generations care about the planet more than others?

    How has working with JUST Water changed your habits?

    Can you explain what it felt like to see the gigantic plastic island in the middle of the ocean?

    What’s one thing everyone can do to improve the environment?

    Q: What would you say to someone who identifies as not caring about the environment?

    JS: I would let them just think that.

    How important is it to you to make Just Water with 100% recyclable materials?

    Why should we care about our CO2 emissions?

    How else do you pay respect to the earth in your daily routine?

    For more information about JUST Water, you can check out Jaden's company here.