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17 Pictures That Will Only Make Sense To People Who Wait Until The Last Minute

*Watches Netflix stressfully.*

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1. If you're a procrastinator, you've probably tried to break free.

3. It's just that there's always something better to do.

4. You don't want to fall victim,'s complicated.

5. You don't know what to do with yourself sometimes.

7. Your friends get mad.

8. Studying is thrown to the wind.

9. It's a vicious cycle.

i procrastinate all of my responsibilities, get mad at myself, and then repeat the process over and over STUPID STU…

10. You try to YouTube fixes, but then you end up in a k-hole.

11. Sometimes you channel your energy into doing good, but not the right kind of good.

13. Reminders don't work.

14.'ve probably tried those as well.

15. Accountability is for the birds, too.

Instagram: @heidiigolightly

16. But by now, you know yourself.

17. But hey, even if you waited till the last minute, at least it got done.


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