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    18 Pictures That Will Make You Say "Literally Me"

    It me.

    1. When you're about to make a bad decision:

    @femalebook / Via Twitter: @femalebook

    2. When you're single:

    3. When prompted to exercise:

    Nickelodeon / Via Twitter: @DrakeJoshQuotez

    4. After bingeing on the Food Network:

    @aideexoguzman / Via Twitter: @aideexoguzman

    5. When it's too hot:

    6. When you get an unexpected compliment:

    7. When you know you're moody AF:

    8. When you're down to the wire:

    9. When you don't get your way:

    10. When you aren't in control of your spending:

    11. When it's the weekend:

    12. When you hate your job:

    13. Any time you're around your crush:

    @northwitch69 / Via Twitter: @NorthWitch69

    14. When you spend a ridiculous amount of time indoors:

    15. When you're moody:

    16. When you spent all night watching YouTube documentaries:

    17. When you realize you forgot how to make friends:

    18. When someone flaunts their achievements:

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