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Updated on Jul 20, 2018. Posted on Jan 26, 2017

19 Valentine's Day Gifts For The Dude You Just Started Dating

Something slight for the dude you probably like.

Charlotte Gomez / BuzzFeed

We hope you love the products we recommend! Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales from the links on this page.

1. Something for him to take care of (besides you).

Urban Outfitters / Via

Grab this from Urban for $16.

2. A whiskey wedge glass to ensure his favorite spirit is always on ice.

Uncommon Goods / Via

It's available from Uncommon Goods for $17.95.

3. These peach emoji socks are the perfect way to drop a hint without going too hard.

Urban Outfitters / Via

Grab a handful of these from Urban for $8.

4. A ticket stub diary to start making memories.

Uncommon Goods / Via

Uncommon Goods has this book for $12.

5. A travel bag to throw all his random shit in it while on-the-go.

Etsy / Via

Snatch this up from Etsy for $21.

6. Or maybe this mini travel shaving kit to fill that bag above with?

Urban Outfitters / Via

Grab this from Urban Outfitters for $15

7. For the foodie, consider this kit that lets you grow your own salsa.

Uncommon Goods / Via

Grab this from Uncommon Goods for $12.

8. Even better, this Netflix and Chill "survival kit" is the perfect amount of corny.

Urban Outfitters / Via

This binge-worthy set is available from Urban Outfitters for $20.

9. What about this even cornier drinking game that you can play together?

Target / Via

Pick this up from Target for $18.

10. All corniness aside, this fun handheld Pac-Man game gives serious retro vibes.

Urban Outfitters / Via

Urban Outfitters has this for $25.95.

11. Speaking of the guy who likes to play games, this desktop basketball court is a quick cure for boredom.

Uncommon Goods / Via

Grab this from Uncommon Goods for $35.

12. For the guy who loves beer and his beard, this grooming kit is perfect.

Etsy / Via

Etsy has this on sale for $33.

13. This glass bottle is perfect for holding water on the nightstand or filling up with his favorite beverage.

Amazon / Via

Pick it up from Amazon for $8.

14. This book that might possibly improve his life based on a comparison between Nordic and American cultures.

Twitter / Via Twitter: @finlandny

Available over at Amazon for $18.

15. A candle to make his home or room smell better.

Urban Outfitters / Via, Urban Outfitters / Via

Grab this candle from Urban for $18 it comes in three distinctive scents.

16. For the avid hip-hop fan The Rap Year Book is chocked full of interesting facts and tidbits.

Urban Outfitters

The Rap Year Book is available for $18.95 from Urban Outfitters.

17. This set of pins ensures that there's something for him, but also something for you, too.

Urban Outfitters / Via

Grab this set of pins for $20.

18. For the geeky guy: an 8-Bit Soap set for decoration or actual use.

ThinkGeek / Via

Grab this set from Thinkgeek for $24.99.

19. And finally, this puntastic 8-ball corner pocket t-shirt, that's a very subtle way to show him that he's your ace.

Urban Outfitters / Via

Available from Urban for $34.

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