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21 Valentine's Day Gifts For The Guy You Just Started Dating

Something slight for the fella you probably like.

1. A ticket stub diary for organizing memories from their favorite concerts or sporting events (while looking forward to making new ones once we start going to concerts and sporting events again).

Two versions of the same light green covered ticket sub diary, one closed and one opened show pages filled with tickets

2. A Polaroid original camera so you can make memories together the old fashioned way. It's perfect for capturing special moments and you'll be grateful to be able to reminisce on them later.

The polaroid original camera

3. A Bodum French press coffee maker because if they're a big coffee fan, chances are they've heard of (and maybe even pined after) Bodum. It's a leading brand in coffee brewing and is sure to bring a little happiness to their mornings.

The Bodum french press coffee maker in chrome

4. A set of Valentine's Day dress socks so you can keep things low pressure and stop stressing about what to get him already! It's a cute gift that definitely fits the theme and practical enough that he'll be able to wear them all the time (and think about you while he does).

The Bombas men's dress socks in shades of red

5. A pair of Timberlands because you know what's never a bad idea? Gifting quality footwear and Timberland has been a renowned name in the business for decades.

Model wearing a pair of Timberlands in wheat

6. A cozy wine carrier that pairs well with a nice bottle of red and your favorite pasta for a casual but intimate dinner at home. It's the perfect way to have the romantic but low-pressure V-day you desire without the added stress of dining out in the cold.

The cozy wine carrier in red

7. A pair of AirPods that anyone is sure to love. If you're looking for a no-muss no-fuss gift, look no further. These are sure to impress any partner who values their morning commute music, podcast, and more.

The airpods in white

8. A bourbon lip balm that is sure to bring a smile to their face. It's incredibly well-made and, as the reviews note, is definitely an adult gift that feels as good as it looks.

Three black tubes of Bourbon lip balm

9. A restorative sleep mask for the guy who appreciates his Zzs. It's the perfect gift for a little R&R, which we could all use after this year and will definitely inspire some much-needed self-care.

The sleep mask in charcoal/ moonstone

10. A plant gift bundle that's a great way to help him nurture his green thumb. If he's been looking to try his hand at plant fatherhood, this is a great and low stakes introduction that will make this new hobby feel approachable.

The plant gift bundle

11. A whiskey wedge glass to ensure his favorite spirit is always on ice.

Clear glass with ice and whisky

12. For the foodie, consider this kit that lets you grow your own salsa.

Salsa growing kit in brown-colored egg carton packaging

13. A basketball mug with a hoop because there's never been a better time to dunk mini marshmallows and tiny cookies than right now. Just prepared to hear them shout "Kobe!" a lot more.

The basketball mug with a hoop

14. A pair of noise-cancelling wireless headphones because there's never a bad occasion to up your technology game. It's definitely an essential item so you can be sure they'll will get tons of use out of it. Plus, it'll keep their ears a bit warmer all winter long.

Black and silver over-the-ear headphones

15. A Champion weave sweatshirt for the boyfriend who lives in the same sweatshirt. This is a great way to incorporate new versions of the same style into their wardrobe, which we know they'll love.

The Champion weave sweatshirt in gold

16. A pack of Blue Point Brewing beer because there's no reason the holiday season needs to be dull and with this many flavor profiles to choose from it we're certain it won't be! Blue Point has a brew for every mood and every dude so it'll definitely be a crowd-pleaser.

The Blue Point Brewing Toasted Lager and Hoptical Illusions

17. A match striker because if your boyfriend appreciates fine ceramics as well as gifts from small businesses, you've struck gold. This is a simple gift that literally anyone could use to spruce up their coffee or bedside tables.

The match striker in white and beige

18. A portable record player sure to be a crowd-pleaser, especially if they love music. Throw their favorite record in there and you're an expert gift-giver.

The portable record player in turquoise

19. A gourmet coffee sampler that is perfect for the coffee lover in your life. If your boyfriend is constantly sipping Trader Joes coffee, give them the gift they wouldn't normally get for themself: high quality beans.

The gourmet coffee sampler

20. A Levi's denim jacket for the boyfriend who knows what they like and it's usually jean. It's a simple gift that they'll get tons of use out of and think of you every time they throw it on!

The Levi's denim jacket in faded light blue color

21. An Amazon Fire HD 10 Tablet so you can watch that list of movies that you've compiled, play your favorite music, and video call friends together, all from the comfort of your own living room.

The Tablet playing a TV show

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