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    23 Unconventional And Funny Valentines For That Special Person

    "Thanks for all the orgasms."

    1. Straight to the point:

    2. Too real:

    3. I don't see a lie here:

    4. This one's pretty punny:

    5. I mean, same, tho:

    6. If they're into Star Wars:

    7. If you like noodles and them, too:

    8. This handy dandy guide is simple and cute:

    9. Valentine's Day goals:

    10. Be cute and also say exactly what you mean:

    11. For all my Tinderheads out there:

    12. Really, tho:

    13. The gamer in your life will go nuts over this:

    14. For my tokers:

    15. Who doesn't love a good Nic Cage card:

    16. Potterheads, don't think you'd be left out:

    17. I'm sure there are more reasons, but this is a good one:

    18. Let's collectively say "awww" together:

    19. Sugar is sweet, and hopefully your boo is too:

    20. Everyone loves some Rihanna in their life:

    21. Apologize and compliment at the same time:

    22. If you want to get a little more literal:

    23. And finally, if none of those appeal to you, there's always this: