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31 Perfectly Rational Reasons Why I Didn't Respond To That Text You Sent

Sorry, not sorry.

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1. Because I was asleep... nothing's that important. / Via

2. Because I was in the middle of picking the right Instagram filter and couldn't be bothered.

E! / Via

3. Because, actually, just Instagram.

4. Because I forgot.

HBO / Via

5. Because I just want to forget about this.

Instagram: @textsfromyourex / Via

6. Because I was too drunk.

NBC / Via

8. Because I was just too lazy.


9. Because I have no idea how to even... reply.

10. Because, honestly, I was just texting somebody else.

E! / Via

11. Because I'm borderline considering taking out a restraining order for this.

12. Because I was too busy taking a picture of my food.

13. Because I was eating...alone.

14. Because I'm just not even trying to go there right now.

15. Because I don't have time to interact with you right now, Mom.

16. Because Dan needs to find more constructive things to do with his time.

17. Because I was having sex. :)

Comedy Central / Via

18. Because I'm super creeped out. / Via

19. Because I was watching Game of Thrones and winter is coming.

20. Because we literally just matched on Tinder and this level of intimacy is already too much to handle.

21. Because I'm not in a good mood.

LiveStream / Via

22. Because you're an asshole.

23. Because you're just an idiot.

Paramount Pictures / Via

24. Because, Netflix.

IFC / Via

25. Because, leave me alone.

26. Because payback's a bitch. / Via

27. Because I didn't want to admit to Irish-exiting. Sorry not sorry.

28. Because I'm just now getting around to this.

31. Because, frankly, you told me not to.

So yeah, that's why.

New Line Cinema / Via

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