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    Posted on Sep 30, 2015

    48 Things All Basic Guys Love About The Fall

    Fire, a lot of fire.

    1. Fires.
    2. Smelling like fire.
    3. Throwing shit in fires.
    4. Peeing in fires.
    5. Burning shit in general.
    6. Choppin' wood.

    7. S'mores.
    8. Roasting food over an open fire.
    9. Camping.
    10. Pitching a tent.
    11. Fishing while camping.

    12. Talking about needing to get a new coat.
    13. Getting a new coat.
    14. Wearing a flannel.
    15. Waiting until the very last minute to actually wear a coat.
    16. Rocking a fleece only until it's literally snowing outside.
    17. Beanies.
    18. North Face jackets
    19. Patagonia jackets.

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    20. Fantasy football.
    21. The fantasy football draft.
    22. Fantasy football trades.
    23. Drinking before 10 a.m.
    24. Tailgating.
    25. The World Series.
    26. Watching football at a bar with 25 cent wings.

    27. Pumpkin beer.
    28. Drinking pumpkin beer.
    29. Maple beer.
    30. Sierra Nevada Oktoberfest beer.
    31. Oktoberfest beer in general.

    32. 'No Shave November'.
    33. Talking about 'No Shave November'.
    34. Making fun of that friend who can't grow facial hair during 'No Shave November'.
    35. Making self-deprecating comments about their own facial hair during 'No Shave November'.

    36. Getting hammered the night before Thanksgiving dinner.
    37. Shooting guns.
    38. Going hunting.
    39. Planning a Halloween party.
    40. Unintentionally choosing a racist Halloween costume.
    41. Wearing an ironic Halloween costume.
    42. Being embarrassed about ordering a PSL, but ordering it anyway.

    Comedy Central

    43. Being stoked about getting to wear socks again.
    44. Wearing patterned socks.
    45. Wearing the same pair of socks two times in one week because you really love them.
    46. But still holding on to wearing flip-flops until it's literally the absolute last minute.
    47. But still throwing on flip-flops to run an errand quickly or take the trash out even though there's snow on the ground.
    48. Wearing flip-flops with socks.

    Happy Fall!

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