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Posted on Sep 17, 2016

8 TV Sets That Will Make Netflix & Chillin' So Much Better

Splurge or save, but be informed.

Jenny Chang / BuzzFeed

If you're in the market for a new TV, it can be difficult to figure out which one is the best for your specific need and budget. Well don't fear, we've sifted through a bunch of sets at all different price ranges to find you the best TV for different situations.

1. The overall best TV you can get right now: Vizio 50-Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV

Amazon / Via

Here's the thing, Vizio has been quietly making amazing TV's for some time now. Their sets are packed with everything you can find in a Samsung or Sony at a fraction of the price. This 2016 model has 4K Ultra HD at 120Hz, smart TV features (like Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon), five HDMI ports, built-in WiFi, and basically everything else you'd expect from a new-age TV.

What's even better is that this set is pretty much future-proof meaning you can expect it to last for years and years. Reviews of the set are all pretty positive at mostly five stars and the sub-$600 price makes this set one you'll be happy with for a long time.

You can get this Vizio set from Amazon for $528.

2. Best big screen TV under $550: Hisense 40" LED 1080p TV

Walmart / Via

This set comes with high praise from buyers. Many are more than pleased with the picture quality and audio despite the low price. The smart TV features (e.g. Netflix/USB media player) are an added benefit and you get 3 HDMI ports. Another perk is that you can easily use this as a big screen monitor for your computer and for the price, you can't beat that.

Walmart has the TV listed for $199 online.

3. The prettiest TV (for people who care about design): Samsung's 40-inch "Serif" TV

MoMa / Samsung / Via

Samsung debuted its "Serif" TV late last year as a model that was meant to "blend into your living room." The 40-inch set has everything you'd expect from comparable models including a quad-core processor (really fast), three HDMI ports, 2 USB ports, built-in Wi-Fi, excellent sound, and all the Smart TV features (Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, etc.) built-in. If you want to mount it, you can, because the legs are removable. Most people are torn, they either find the design ridiculously beautiful or horribly ugly, either way it's still a conversation piece.

The Serif TV retails for $1499 and is available exclusively from the MoMa (Museum of Modern Art).

4. Best TV for a small space: TCL 32-inch 720p Roku Smart LED TV

The TCL 32-inch 720p Roku Smart LED TV is currently Amazon's number one best seller in its entire TV category.

This TV comes with built-in WiFi, Roku's streaming technology (Netflix, HBOGo, Amazon Prime, and a bunch of other streaming services), casting —a feature that lets you share photos and videos from your phone or tablet straight to the screen— three HDMI ports, and one USB. Pretty much, if you don't care about brand names and just want a good TV, this is one to consider. With nearly 5,000 reviews this model is so good users say because it's easy to set up, has a great price, and despite only being 720p it still sports a crisp picture.

Pick this one up from Amazon for $168.88.

5. If you need something even smaller check this out: Vizio 24-inch LED Smart TV

Alternatively, if you need something even smaller check this out:

Vizio's 24-inch Smart TV comes highly reviewed. It includes one HDMI port, one USB port, built-in Wi-Fi and Hulu, Netflix, Spotify, YouTube and a bunch of other Smart TV apps. Reviews noted that this set is easy to set up, has great sound, and can also be used as a computer monitor in addition to a TV set.

You can get this from Amazon for $138

6. Best big screen TV under $1000: Sharp 60-inch 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV

If you're looking to fill up an entire room with a screen, look no further than Sharp's 60-inch behemoth. This 4K set measures in at 2160p resolution with Smart TV features (Amazon, Netflix, Pandora, YouTube, etc.). It also comes with a HD over the air tuner (something you typically have to buy separate for about $20). There's four HDMI ports, three USB ports, extra fast WiFi, and incredible sound. All that plus an incredibly thin design. Amazon's reviews for this are overall positive with 75 percent being five stars.

Pick this set up from Amazon for $897
, an investment for sure but honestly a great price for the size, picture quality, and built-in features.

7. The best TV if money's no object: Samsung 65-inch 4K Ultra HD Smart TV

Samsung makes damn good TV's. It's no surprise that of all the TVs we researched in the 4K Ultra HD category almost all of them were made by the world-renowned electronics company. This year's top of the line model is as premium as it gets. The 65-inch 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV.

It's absurdly thin, has almost no bezel (the usually plastic border around the set), and is packed with every you'd expect and then some in a TV. There's incredible sound via the built-in subwoofer, ridiculous color detail, and crazy brightness. So small details you'd probably never see on another set, just take center stage with this one. Reviews of this set were high. Buyer's said that for the price, this is one of the best sets you can get. Whether you're into gaming, sports, action movies, or just want to watch your favorite reality show this is really the top of the line.

Pick Up the 65-inch 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV from Amazon for $1897.99.

8. Best TV if you don't care about fancy shit: Samsung 40-inch 1080p LED TV

Amazon / Via

OK so here's the thing, this model is from 2014, which means it's two years old. But you're reading this section because you don't care about fancy shit, right? This set has 1080p LED technology (the same as all the 2016 models), two HDMI ports, one USB port, and a bunch of solid five star reviews. It's reliable, has good sound, and is very bright meaning it gives a great picture.

What you don't get with this set is SmartTV capabilites, which means no WiFi, no built-in Netflix. But if you have an Apple TV or Roku then your problem is solved.

You can pick this up from Amazon for $249.99 (a damn good price for a TV this size).

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