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17 Things Anyone Who Eagerly Waits For Their W-2s Goes Through

*waits on W-2's literally all January*

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1. After the hype of New Year's dies down, everyone knows the next best thing comes season!

2. Some go the extra mile to ensure maximum results.

3. But everyone knows that they take FOREVER to arrive.

4. Some people literally stalk the mailman.

5. Or literally wait on him day in and day out.

6. It's frustrating.

7. And you're all upset because you worked two jobs last year and you're still waiting for that ONE other one.

8. Then...success, it's here!

9. But you're examining it and the numbers aren't what you expected.

10. A travesty.

11. But you send it in anyway and wait for the money...

12. And wait...

13. Then money hits your account and it's on!

14. You just start buying shit just because.

15. You're rich!

16. Sometimes the stars align and you just WIN.

17. Best of all, you can't wait to do it all over again next year.

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