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    If You Don't Say "Oh My God" Outloud After Looking At These Face Swaps You Have 0 Sense Of Humor

    Somewhat scary, but always hilarious.

    1. First there's this excellent clay switch:

    2. Then there's this spooky pup:

    3. Next this little kitty and sweet girl:

    4. This tends to happen a lot in airplanes:

    5. Woah, that puffer:

    6. Scary tattoo swap:

    7. I don't think this worked out the way it was supposed to:

    8. Woah, LOL:

    9. CatDog actually does exist:

    10. Just, LOL:

    11. Hahaha, this one's good too:

    12. Guys, I think he found Nemo:

    13. There's also this:

    14. And this Benjamin Button we got here:

    15. That poor bird:

    16. OMG:

    17. This one's good, hahahah:

    18. Jack, is that you?

    19. And finally, this:

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