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    "That’s The Gag" Is The Best “New” Phrase You Might Not Know

    Unless you’re a black queer person…or Keke Palmer.

    Behold the perfection that is the actor, singer, and dancer Keke Palmer.

    Keke has been all over the place, most recently starring in the hit Fox show Scream Queens.

    Besides serenading, dancing up a storm, and just giving overall life...

    ...she’s also made mainstream an EPIC meme known as #thatsthegag.

    Here's how it works:

    kekepalmer/Instagram / Via

    Here she is explaining it to Seth Meyers.

    But in fact, the phrase "that's the gag" dates alllll the way back decades ago in black gay culture.

    Paris Is Burning / Art Matters Inc.

    The phrase didn’t begin with Keke, though. It finds its roots in black gay culture, and gagging is as old as (black gay) time.

    Keke has most recently started using the phrase on Snapchat/Instagram for everyday situations like this:

    It's a phrase that applies to lots of situations, like when people doubt your resume:

    When you can't be tamed:

    When your ex leaves you for someone else:

    When you're the perfect girl, but you're afraid of commitment:

    When plans get canceled at the last minute:

    kekepalmer / Instagram / Via

    When your boyfriend has plans...but you thought otherwise:

    When your boyfriend constantly lies:

    When someone tries to break up with you:

    When you have to pay alimony, but you petty:

    So now you know!

    You'll probably be using this phrase in about three months, but the gag is, you probably heard it here first!

    NBC / Via

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