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    If You Don't Laugh At Any Of These Hilarious New Young Thug Computer Memes Then I'm Sorry, Something's Broken

    Get ready to laugh your ass off.

    Recently, a photo of rappers Young Thug, Lil Durk, and their collaborators in the studio surfaced. The group seems intent at work, presumably on new music. Here is the original photo:

    I believe that Young Thug could effectively lead our country thru a national crisis off the strength of this photo alone

    According to HotNewHipHop Young Thug memes aren't anything new, "Young Thug Internet material generally hits a level of notoriety, sometimes because his antics blur on the side of confusion. Durk is usually more banal, and gets lumped into wacky territory that Thugger is known to navigate."

    Naturally, Twitter users got ahold of the photo and began to meme it to their hearts content.

    @CzarIito Nah It's a scene from a heist movie where they have to change the plan last minute do to there being a new development on the local news.

    The following are some of the most hilarious ones we could find:




    Me reading over my homies essay to help ensure he gets the best grade possible


    durk looks like he's just let his mum (thug) use the computer and scared she's gonna type p into the address bar 😭


    “After I buy this Xbox live you better not ask me for nothing else, you hear me?”


    This looks like a scene from a disaster movie where they call Thug over and say “you might wanna take a look at this” and the data is off the charts


    When ya daddy come check your math homework but he don’t understand that “new math”



    21: “I plan to count all the way to 10, and then place these M’s in a SECOND bank account!” Lil Durk: “SIR COME LOOK!” Thugger: “I just got the memo...”


    “Ok so where do I go to see your grades?”


    Me: Ma my paper ain’t printing Her: Move over boy lemme see


    this looks like a scene from westworld “thug, we need you to see this. the hosts are fuckin’ trippin’”


    Lieutenant Durk: “Sir, you might want to come look at this.” General Thug: “My God...” The diabolical savage: “you have 24 hours to complete my request or I will make 808s cease to exist with a snap of a finger.”


    Why does it look like Young Thug is a TA checking to see if the code compiles without any errors


    When you get replies to a thread you muted