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21 Hilarious Tattoo Fails That Are, Well...They're A Fuckin' Journey

These people probably have no "ragrets."

1. There's this "constellation" of stars:

2. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery:

3. Now that's what I call a whale tail:

4. They got a nickel on their back:

5. He must guard multiple families:

6. Uhhhhh, that's not the same:

7. What am I even supposed to read here:

8. This tattoo is permanent till death "due" them part:

9. Wow this is a next level back tattoo:

10. I labeled my "3th nippel" too:

11. Is it me or is the "heat" on high:

12. This clock seems to be a little off:

13. Now that's an interesting way to remember your food preferences:

14. Then this guy's tattoo artist actually copied the...nipple:

15. LOL, nice:

16. I need a good "rason" to not laugh at this:

17. Hmmmm:

18. "Boob Ear:"

19. These "feather shoes:"

20. Jesus take the wheel:

21. And finally, LOL: