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    21 Pictures That Anyone With A Squad Can Relate To

    Squad means family.

    1. When you party together:

    2. When traveling on public transportation:

    3. When traveling in a car:

    4. When traveling in separate vehicles:

    5. When waiting for lunch:

    6. When you have your differences but the group chat still pops:

    7. When you weren't invited to an outing:

    8. Or your parents try to rip you and the squad apart:

    9. Even worse, when you get yelled at in front of the squad:

    10. When reminiscing about your old squad:

    11. The hangout situation looks like this:

    12. You always try new things together:

    13. The smoking situation:

    14. But there's always that one member who can't hang:

    15. When that lonely feeling sets in:

    16. But there's always the unexpected meetup situation:

    17. And the tea spilling sessions:

    18. They're always eager to hear about your escapades:

    19. And no matter what the situation, they always have your back:

    20. But they always know how to have some fun:

    21. But at the end of the day, y'all always turn up together:

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