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    17 Food Photos That Will Calm You The Fuck Down

    Bon Appétit.

    1. Just take a moment to appreciate this painstaking time investment:

    2. Or this beautiful candy organization:

    3. Imagine walking down this aisle:

    4. Or getting lost in this cake:

    5. How would you feel if you got this perfect split:

    6. This has to be one in a million, right?!

    7. Bet you couldn't tell on first glance that this is a piece of perfect bologna:

    8. This super symmetrical pancake is giving me chills:

    9. So that's what that hole is for...

    10. If only all lunches were this ~even~:

    11. No straw for you:

    12. I'm thinking about how long this took and how I don't want to touch it:

    13. The produce person had a little too much fun at work this day:

    14. The perfect tomato doesn't exi—

    15. Sushi squares just might be the next big thing:

    16. This is a sushi dream:

    17. And, I finally make sure you don't spill!