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Posted on Oct 10, 2015

18 "Sexy" Costumes For Guys That Will Make You Lose Your Faith In Halloween

Because girls shouldn't get to have all the fun...

Here's the thing... when it comes to "sexy" Halloween costumes, historically, girls have got to have all the fun.

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So... we decided to search around and find some "sexy" Halloween costumes for guys. Now everyone can enjoy a "sexy" Halloween!

1. The "Heavy Hose"

Price: $47

3. "Fantasy Island"

Price: $25

4. "Strapping Santa"

Price: $45

5. The "Wild" Man

Price: $39

6. "Playing Doctor"

7. The "Pro Varsity":

8. "Adam"

9. "Lucky" Boxers

Price: $25

10. "Snowman" brief

Price: $36

11. The guy from LMFAO!4259!3!75427480282!!!g!82153224082!&CAWELAID=1468584743

Price: $20

12. "Adult Flasher"

Price: $51

13. "Adult Ring Toss"!4259!3!75427480282!!!g!82153225522!&CAWELAID=907679334&ef_id=VS6mSAAAAKMpUqVX:201

Price: $23

14. The "Old School Rapper"

Price: $31

15. "Hot in Here" Fireman

Price: $45

16. The "Saddle and Straddle" Cowboy

Price: $36

17. "Spartan Warrior"

Price: $36

18. "Scottish Kilt"

Price: $48

Now get out there and get your sexy back!

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