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    17 Scary AF Signs That Make You Wonder Why They Had To Be Made In The First Place

    *Laughs nervously*

    1. Let's start with this ~strange~ security camera location:

    2. And...WOAH, wtf:

    3. Poor Carol:

    4. This...doesn't seem logical:

    5. Avoid the bees at all costs:

    6. OMG whatever you do, don't feed those animals: / Via

    It reads:

    Please don't feed wild animals

    They learn to attack children holding food

    Then we may have to destroy the animal.

    7. How many hitchhikers got picked up before they placed this sign?

    8. Nooooo, thank you:


    10. I don't know what this says, but I know I don't want to fuck with that cleaning lady:

    11. WARNING, do not fight the monkey:

    12. I don't know about you, but if I saw this I would take that alternate route:

    13. You've seen this before, but it needs to be a reminder for everyone:

    14. I don't know what the hell is behind this door, but I know I would NOT open it:

    15. Yikes, this got dark real fast:

    16. How many people peed out in the open before they had to put this sign up?

    17. And finally, just wash your damn hands:

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