Why You Shouldn't Wear Boat Shoes If You Can't Afford A Boat

    Are you on a boat? No. OK, then why do you have on boat shoes?

    Boat shoes are the formal/casual shoe of choice for college students and bros everywhere.

    Guys cannot wear boat shoes like this. Just dont.

    Guys wear them to bars, to baseball games, and they even *gasp* wear them in the winter.

    A few of us climbed Chilco mountain near Sandpoint, ID today. These guys did it in boat shoes. #TFM

    But, I'm here to tell you, this needs to stop.

    Guys @XenoAcid put spurs on his Uncle McCree boat shoes

    There are better options out there.

    You should only rock boat shoes if you're within 200 feet of...a boat!

    Please for the love of God, don't wear them WITH socks.

    I don't get guys who wear boat shoes with socks. You're missing the point entirely.

    And don't keep them for decades...

    Have you been wearing your boat shoes as long as this guy? #80yearsofSperry #tbt

    Don't get me wrong, I get that they can be appropriate at times, but THIS, is where the problem starts...

    You guys for real wear basketball jerseys and boat shoes? lol can't relate

    People are awakening from their cryogenic deep sleep and realizing that casually wearing boat shoes—not on a boat—ain't right.

    If you guys ever see me wearing boat shoes call an exorcist because I no longer have control of my own soul

    They certainly aren't helping you stand out.

    are boat shoes the only footwear available in men's clothing stores in Connecticut or do all of you guys just like matching

    They aren't gaining you any points when it comes to dating either.

    My short term life goal is to avoid guys who wear boat shoes, but sadly I live in DC

    Because this is a NO!

    Hey random tram guy. At no stage ever are white socks and deck/boat shoes allowed #unacceptable

    Please, please make it stop.

    guy at costco spotted with croc boat shoes

    There HAS to be a better way.

    Dress shirt, sweater vest, denim cutoffs, black knee socks, boat shoes... This guy is killing the fashion game 😳😅

    You owe it to yourself to look your best at all times.

    The same guys that get scared over a little push of fashion sense are the same guys wearing ankle swinging jeans & boat shoes to functions.

    And not just get lost in the crowd.