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So This App Might Be Eating A Chunk Of Your iPhone's Battery, But You Can Fix It

Easy peasy.

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Inc. Magazine's John Koetsier discovered the battery drainage on his new iPhone 7+ —a phone whose internet usage battery life Apple says will last, "up to 15 hours on Wi‑Fi, up to 13 hours on LTE and 3G."


Koetsier said that Facebook was eating up a ton of his battery and he wasn't even spending much time in the app. "Facebook accounted for 47 percent of my battery use during the previous 24-hour period," he wrote. "That day, I'd posted a few times, browsed for maybe 30 minutes in four or five sessions, but otherwise left the app to its own devices."


The reason for Facebook's massive battery hogging makes sense when you think about it.

Facebook uses a ton of background features like, "device location, notifications, quality and size of content, social interactions, live videos, statistics, contacts, places, groups, custom camera (which now includes a lot of animations, filters, and masks), and search, to name just a few," San Francisco-based mobile consultant Giacomo Balli told Koetsier. "Simply opening the app fires up all these features."

First, go into your phone settings, then tap "battery" and check to see what apps are using the most power.

Try to turn off notifications and remember that when your phone gets below a certain percentage you can turn on "Low Power Mode," which will turn off a bunch of non-essential features to get you more juice.

Second, go into the actual Facebook app and try these few things that Erica Johnson, an expert at mobile tech support service told Koetsier:


* Turn off Facebook's video autoplay feature: (Go into Facebook app settings, then account settings, next tap Videos and Photos, and turn off autoplay.)

* Don't let Facebook access your location: (Go into Facebook app settings, then account settings, tap location, and turn off the app's ability to use your location.)

* Cut background refresh for Facebook: (Go into your iPhone's settings app, scroll down to Facebook, tap settings, and turn off background app refresh.)

* And always remember to turn down your screen brightness: (Go into settings, then display and brightness, and switch off auto-brightness and keep the screen down to a comfortable place.)

Do you have other battery saving suggestions? Let us know in the comments.