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18 Really Fucking Savage Burns So Bad You Might Need To Call 911


1. First of all, this person is FED UP:

2. And this sign, ouch:

3. Kids really do say the darnedest things:

4. Speaking of cards, LOL:

5. Ooof, this significant other has HAD IT:

6. Police: 1, Drug Dealers: 0:

7. These girl scouts are SAVAGE:

8. Then we have this school sign:

9. This poor woman probably has no clue that this went down:

10. Now this professor HAD it:

11. This probably isn't the most ideal Valentine to get from your crush:

12. Some people actually do fill out those surveys:

13. Shame the thief:

14. "Mountain" definitely deserved this one:

15. Sorry to the Mets fans:

16. And finally, sometimes the burns come when you least expect them:

17. Daaamn, this nature story:

18. And finally, this brutal but fair sign: