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It's Official: Kim And Kanye Have Named Their Baby Boy Saint West

8 pounds, 1 ounce.

In a post on her website, Kim Kardashian has revealed the name of her and husband Kanye West's brand-new baby boy.

It appears that Saint, like North, does not have a middle name.

Kardashian also shared the following tweet depicting an emoji family of Kanye, herself, North, and baby Saint.

So, 2015...

Saint was born Saturday, Dec. 5. Prior to her delivery, Kim teased a few photos on Instagram with the caption, "Ready whenever you are lol" and "Waiting..."

Twitter has already begun to react to the name...


I actually like the name Saint West. Has a ring to it

Saint West will trend globally in 3...2...1...

The Four Kardinal Directions: North, Kim, Saint, and West.

Kim and Kanye named their second baby Saint West. Idk how I feel about that..πŸ™„

Saint West. I can actually live with this.

Saint West bout to drop the hottest album of 2035

I hope Saint West, leads a holy life and is converted and becomes Saint Saint West, Patron Saint of College Dropouts

An actual photo of Saint has yet to be revealed, but we're sure Kardashian will share when she and West are ready.

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