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    Posted on Oct 13, 2015

    12 Pictures That Perfectly Depict Reality Versus Fantasy

    Shit really ain't what it seems.

    1. The shattered dreams of an empty fridge:

    2. Or trying to snap the perfect morning insta:

    3. Money struggles we don't want to talk about:

    4. Or how we look when we try to sing:

    5. Kissing in the rain is a dream, until it actually happens:

    6. Studying is never as simple as people make it look:

    7. No Shave November expectations are typically high (and unrealistic):

    8. And forget about trying those Facebook recipe posts:

    9. Having your hair blow in the wind while looking good is nearly impossible without a team of experts:

    10. Underwater photos should literally be a crime:

    11. And FUCK those fast-food ads:

    12. And of course, the common misconception of boob size:

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