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    16 Times Actual Real Life Heroes Walked Among Us

    These heroes prove

    1. I don't know what your definition of a hero is, but this is mine:

    2. Some heroes leave subtle signs of danger:

    3. Others spell it out for you:

    4. There are also some who take justice into their own hands:

    5. Then you have the ones that leave messages meant to help you prosper:

    6. Selfless acts are the first rule of heroism:

    7. See...another selfless hero:

    8. This hero who suffered so we wouldn't have to:

    9. Even when intoxicated, this hero did a good deed:

    10. We could all stand to learn a lesson from this hero:

    11. Because heroes help their friends:

    12. Don't think you have to be human to be a hero, either:

    13. Heroes also do what they want:

    14. They fight the good fight:

    15. They...hmmmm:

    16. OK they win, they're the real hero here: