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Posted on Sep 21, 2016

18 Fancy Things To Spruce Up Your Home For Fall

Quick fixes to make your space more comfy.


We hope you love the products we recommend! Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a small share of sales from the links on this page.

1. A new home for your furry friend:

Baguette Du Jour / Via

Because your best friend deserves to have nice things too.

Price: $55

2. This funky extension cord with a USB port built-in:

Amazon / Via

For when the plug is out of reach.

Price: $24.95

3. This cool hanging stand for things you need in reach:

Amazon / Via

Keep important things just a head above.

Price: $38

4. An artistic book to spice up your coffee table:

Amazon / Via

For show.

Price: $14

5. Something to organize your desk:

Amazon / Via

Keep the stuff you need in a cool place.

Price: $11.90

6. A vanity mirror to also hold your knick knacks and jewelry:

Amazon / Via

Seriously, who doesn't need a vanity?

Price: $32

7. A wine holder that's basically a work of art:

Oblique Wine / Via

Keep that wine lookin' good.

Price: $35

8. A rolling pin that reeks of class:

Amazon / Via

Cute essentials.

Price: $19.14

9. A metallic french press for homemade coffee whenever you want:

Amazon / Via

A pretty french press for when you need a quick pick me up.

Price: $35

10. This gadget to always make sure your eggs are fresh:

Amazon / Via

This quirky gadget syncs with your smartphone and lets you know how many eggs you have and when they've gone bad.

Price: $11

11. Something to inspire you to carry your lunch:

Amazon / Via

Price: $14.99

12. A tray to help have breakfast in bed:

Amazon / Via

Who doesn't like having a meal in bed?! Do it all the time with this cute tray.

Price: $24

13. Some cute dishcloths, because who doesn't need more of these:

Amazon / Via

Organic cotton and cute colors make cleaning up more fun.

Price: $4

14. This storage basket to hold miscellaneous things:

Amazon / Via

Keep everything organized and in one place with this neat basket.

Price: $29

15. A fancy side table that is sure to impress:

Amazon / Via

This one's definitely a splurge but is so cool that you won't be able to take your eyes off of it.

Price: $157

16. Some wall planters to prove you have a green thumb:

Amazon / Via

Not only do plants make your space look better, they also give you something to take care of.

Price: $6

17. Or if you're feeling ambitious grow your own spicy greens:

Amazon / Via

A window sill grower for the freshest herbs.

Price: $48

18. And finally a megaphone because they're so much fun:

Amazon / Via

Spice up your next house party or take this one out into the streets and have some fun.

Price: $14

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