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    18 Photos Guaranteed To Make You Want To Buy A House Just So You Can Power Wash It

    Power washing is crazy as shit, man.

    1. This little alley has literally NEVER looked better.

    2. I didn't even realize that power washing could get rid of moss, but duh—it totally makes sense.

    3. This deck, omg.

    4. And even this unfinished job is giving me the chills...

    5. ...that stone, gee whiz.

    6. It's so crazy how you, like, think buildings are one color but they're actually completely different.

    7. I cannot beeelieve this literal power.

    8. Cars can be power washed too, and they look damn good after.

    9. Wood when washed is good.

    10. In one hour, you can have a brand new fucking house.

    11. A before and after has never made me feel this good.

    12. I want to buy a house just so I have an excuse to buy a power washer.

    13. Tell me this doesn't feel good to look at...

    14. ...or that this isn't making you feel something.

    15. This lion has probably never roared louder than after he got a good wash.

    16. This truck has a new lease on life:

    17. This table is safe to eat off of again.

    18. This is the after and then the before, but you've got the idea by now.

    19. And finally:

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