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    18 Times People Thought They Won But Sadly They Lost

    Question everything.

    1. 5-year-old me is crying on the inside.

    2. This is NOT a joke.

    3. Every day we are being lied to.

    4. And cheated. / Via

    That looks like three pens, but it's actually ONE. WTF.

    5. Deception is all around us.

    6. It doesn't care how old you are.

    7. It doesn't care if you hate the crust.

    8. The foundation of it is obviously confusion.

    9. And poor design.

    10. It strikes when you least expect it.

    11. And can be found even in the most innocent places.

    12. Literally no one is safe.

    13. No THING is safe from its grips.

    14. Those trying to "go healthy" are victims too.

    15. Why must you be like this?

    16. You try to give it the benefit of the doubt.

    17. Websites clearly can't be trusted.

    18. And neither can breakfast.

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