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18 Photos That Will Make You Say, "Hey, At Least I'm Not That Bad"

Shout out to your local IT person.

1. Whoever set up these speakers:

2. Or this router:

3. The person who rested their laptop on the stove:

4. Or whichever employee filled this printer:

5. This probably wasn't a smart place to put that candle:

6. The person who filed this claim:

7. Or whichever guy thought this would be "cool:"

8. This lazy person's dilemma:

9. The person who thought this would be a good candle holder:

10. Or that this would be a good place for chewing gum:

11. This person has cracked:

12. Or the person who literally baked their phone:

13. They clearly thought this was a touch screen:

14. Pray for the person who has to fix this issue:

15. And this person who's literally melted their device:

16. This person thought duct tape would be a quick and easy fix:

17. And lastly, it might be time for a new laptop:

18. Actually, while you're at it, a new screen too: