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17 Cringe Worthy Pictures That'll Weirdly Make You Wince And Laugh At The Same Time

Damn it, man.

1. This is a pretty shitty way to start the day:

2. Then there's this unfortunate parking mishap:

3. That poor pizza:

4. And also those poor shoes:

5. Fuck:

6. Poor kid:

7. Does this mean lives won't be saved:

8. Well, shit:

9. Don't throw your Christmas trees out the window:

10. Tries to cook once:

11. This gives seasoned chicken a whole new meaning:

12. Uhhh, this shouldn't happen:

13. Yeah, this guy fucked up big time:

14. This is something you never want to happen:

15. If you fail try, try, and still fail:

16. But, wait, HELP:

17. Lastly, maybe a different mechanic can fix this: