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    19 Fails That Will Make You Wince And Say, "Damn, That Sucks"

    This too shall pass.

    If you're having a bad day just remember...

    1. That this isn't your car:

    2. That you weren't this kid:

    3. That this wasn't left for you:

    "I told you to wear a fucking condom, Dick!"

    4. That you weren't this person in the rain that day:

    5. Be grateful that you weren't driving the forklift this day:

    6. That this isn't your trunk:

    7. And that this isn't your truck:

    8. Be glad you're not Ellen (with the bad haircut):

    9. Or that this isn't your gear:

    10. And that you aren't this woman:

    11. Be glad that you weren't the tow truck guy that day:

    12. Or that you weren't a teacher this day:

    13. Be glad you didn't drive past these signs:

    14. Rejoice that you weren't at the beach this day:

    15. Or that this isn't your key:

    16. Be glad my friends, that this isn't your seat:

    17. Or that you weren't in that stall:

    18. Thank God this didn't happen to you today:

    19. And finally, remember that you're not Ronald Wayne:

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