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    17 Cringeworthy Date Experiences That'll Make You Happy You're Still Single

    Yikes, please take notes people!

    A Twitter user by the name of Oloni, recently asked the question, "What's the most cringeworthy thing a guy you've dated has done?"

    What’s the most cringe worthy thing a guy you’ve dated has done?

    The responses did not disappoint. You'll be shocked, you'll laugh, and some of them won't surprise you at all...

    1. The guy who put his date down:

    @Oloni On a first (and only) date, belittled me for owning a house, mocked where I owned my house (a "shithole" apparently) then complained that I asked for a glass of regular red wine when he offered to buy me a drink, because it was "expensive"

    2. This first date anniversary:

    @Oloni This guy booked an amazing 5* restaurant in Canary Wharf for dinner. The date was going well until our waiter came out with a dessert cake carved out with “happy anniversary” in strawberry syrup 🤣🤣. It was OUR first date ffs!

    3. The guy who ran away:

    4. The cheating crier:

    @Oloni Cried because their girlfriend caught him LOOL

    5. The naked Snapchatter:

    @Oloni Asked me to take several snapchat videos of him while he was in the bathtub flexing with a beer in his hand😐

    6. The "kidnapper":

    @Oloni Not a guy I was dating. But this Nigerian dude kept me captive in his car (doors locked) for about half an hour trying to convince me to go back to his for a party. I had work in the morning and wanted to sleep. Said he would pay me to go to his and “do you know who I am?”

    7. The fight stopper:

    8. The date who refused to be controlled:

    @Oloni Flipping the script a little but a girl once dutty wined on top of a park bench after a date........sober! We were walking back from a restaurant when she took out her dead Nokia and started playing bashment! I just stood there baffled

    *For those who don't know the Dutty Wine is a dance.

    9. The egg:

    @Oloni He’d just arrived from an international flight and was jet lagged and very tipsy. As we left his house for dinner,he took something from the stovetop. Twas 3 boiled eggs which he stuffed into his pocket.He kept burping and started peeling them darn eggs in my car.

    10. The...meltdown:

    11. The old interrupter:

    @Oloni Not what my date did but an old man approached me whilst on a date & said if he were younger he'd put a ring on my finger & a baby in my belly. Then told me about his work in the circus & coming out of an elephant's bum. This isn't even the whole story.

    12. (Continued from above):

    @leorume7 @Oloni So then told me about a girl at the circus who looked just like me & he was in love with her. She took him to this lake, got him naked etc then all the circus people came out the bushes & laughed, she'd planned it all to humiliate him. Said he's never gotten over it.

    13. The frugal dater:

    @Oloni We went to MC Donald’s where he spent 15 minutes looking for coupons on this app to save like 1-2 € lol keep in mind that he worked for a law firm and had A LOT of cash

    14. Wait the second one is actually worst than the first:

    @Oloni ive got 3: 1) After unsuccesful date (for him) guy dead ass asked if I could pick him up from the airport, I didnt even respond he kept calling me & texting for Months 2) 1st date guy says bring that perfume you’re wearing when you come to my place so I can spritz on a tshirt...

    15. OMG:

    @Oloni ..he said he wanted to smell me every am, we call him the Perfume killer ever since, Blockt 3) went on a date once with this guy, turns out we had same bday, I didnt like him but heard from him every bday for YEARS Like Happy bday sexy lets spend it together all these one date

    16. And finally, this unemployed guy:

    @Oloni This one asked me about my interests and what I plan on doing in the future, I told him I was interested in politics and he let out a big loud laugh and proceeded to tell me that with him I’d never have to work , he would take care of me! Mind you he was jobless himself😊

    What's the most cringe worthy thing that happened to you on a date? Let us know in the comments!