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18 Weird Celebrity Run-Ins That'll Make You Wish You Were There

"My fiance's mom was at a wedding and was seated at a table with Eddie Murphy. He wouldn't stop talking and he ate all of the mashed potatoes."

Twitter user Kimmy Monte recently asked people on Twitter to share their weirdest celebrity sightings.

Kimmy shared hers first and then Twitter users started sharing theirs after and the results are strange and hilarious...

what’s your weirdest celebrity sighting i’ll go first: Kevin James was driving by my house and stopped and asked me for directions while i was out walking nibs and no one believes me but like fuck you, mom, why would i make that up? ok go:


@KimmyMonte Before he was on Friends, I saw Matthew Perry at a party in Manhattan Beach. I recognized him bc he'd played a small role on Family Ties, as a dude who brought a kangaroo to a party. I kept staring at him like "Are you the kangaroo guy?" We never spoke & I continue to be uncool


@KimmyMonte My fiance's mom was at a wedding and was seated at a table with Eddie Murphy. He wouldn't stop talking and he ate all of the mashed potatoes.


@KimmyMonte Got off the airplane at LAX and beeline to nearest bathroom, my then 5 yrold son pushes on a stall door in a mad dash. A polite “someone’s in here” came from behind the door. Fast forward to hand washing and we realize my son basically door ambushed Anne Hathaway 🙈


@KimmyMonte I was walking in Park Slope w the girl I nannied for and this super creepy guy was walking towards us and he was smiling a creepy smile and I was like OMG STRANGER DANGER and then I realized it was Steve Buschemi who lived in the neighborhood and is just super fucking nice.


@KimmyMonte I came around a corner quickly in London and knocked over Stanley Tucci.


@KimmyMonte True: Men's room of a Buffalo bar, early 90s (called Locker Room) I peed between Bruce Smith and Andre Reed. I bet they don't remember. Anyway they're both in the NFL Hall of Fame.


@KimmyMonte I once had to serve David Hasselhof at a steak house I worked at, he wore sunglasses (it was 9 at night) and shout talked. He ordered a chai latte which I had to tell him we only have regular espresso drinks. So naturally he orders a vanilla latte.


@KimmyMonte I met Dan Marino in line for the laser loop at Kennywood. What many of you don’t realize is that’s the most Pittsburgh sentence ever written


@KimmyMonte I stopped into the cafe @ the Angelika to say hi to a friend (@elkaeay) who worked there. I looked up & saw Matthew Perry. I quietly freaked out and he noticed so he spent the next five minutes eating his ice cream and pacing towards me and away from me making ridiculous faces.


@KimmyMonte Went to Six Flags Great Adventure back in 2016 waiting in line for Kingda Ka cracking jokes with this kid the entire time while waiting in line with him and making fun of his scared friends little after that everyone told me I was talking to @GatenM123 the entire time in line!


@KimmyMonte I was walking on Venice Blvd in Culver City, and this car gets off the exit ramp at Robertson and screeched to a halt almost running me over. The driver was some 20-something guy. The passenger looked pissed off and also was Steven Spielberg.


@KimmyMonte Using an airplane bathroom after David Schwimmer


@KimmyMonte I was in an airport and Muhammad Ali walked up to me and did some magic tricks. He stuffed a scarf into his closed fist, and then opened his hand and it was gone. He said nothing.


@KimmyMonte Shortly after Dead Poets Society came out, Ethan Hawke and I took one of those driver’s ed points reduction classes together.


@KimmyMonte I stopped by my school campus to use a computer. I was leaving and a guy with a headset stopped me so someone could get in an elevator. That guy was Bryan Cranston (it was during the TIFF film festival and in a nearby building was a live script reading).


@KimmyMonte Came in from walking my boss's dog to see Tom Hardy sitting in her dining room. My boss introduced us so technically I'm on a first name basis with Mad Max.


@KimmyMonte Liza Minelli at the movie theater in Sherman Oaks galleria - she was there ‘under the radar’ to see a movie but she was just BASKING in the attention. Her laugh is amazing. Felt like such a casual moment to meet a legend.


@KimmyMonte Fergies husband tried to convince me red, white, and Bleu potato salad doesn't contain Bleu cheese, they just call it that to be patriotic. (He was wrong, and it was excellent) I made Zooey Deschanel cry at trapeze class once.

We can’t confirm the validity of these, but they’re still funny to think about!

What are you weird celebrity sightings? Let us know in the comments.

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