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    May 9, 2017

    21 PornHub Comments That Will Never Not Be Hilarious

    "Omfg, the music in the beginning is so Lion King."

    You may or may not be surprised to know that in the PornHub comments section there's a lot going on besides people talking about sex...

    1. People looking for 401(k) guidance.

    2. Missed and found connections.

    3. Furniture experts.

    4. Lion King vibes.

    5. Keen observations.

    6. Thought-provoking questions.

    7. The questions really make you go "hmmm."

    8. FAKE coffee being wasted!

    9. Chef's tips.

    10. Girl Scout Cookie sellers.

    11. Party planners.

    12. Students seeking homework help.

    13. "Doctors."

    14. Even doggos!

    15. A lotta doggos, actually!

    16. And cat connoisseurs.

    17. The lonely coming together looking to commiserate.

    18. Anecdotes that remind you of the past.

    19. More poignant questions.

    20. Mattress critics.

    21. And cries to join the revolution.