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    18 Plus-Size Fashion Gods That Will Make You Scream 'YAAAASSSSS'

    Do YOU, and do it well.

    1. Fashion is about what makes you feel good.

    2. It isn't about one particular size...

    4. It's about taking advantage of prints you love.

    5. And shapes that complement.

    6. You can keep it simple...

    7. ...or be as daring as you like.

    8. Accessorizing is key.

    9. And above all, having fun is what it's all about.

    10. Lean into trends, if you want.

    11. Or go all-American, if that's your style.

    12. A pop of color can never hurt.

    13. Get funky!

    15. But remain comfortable.

    16. Roll up those shorts and sleeves and show 'em what you got.

    17. Be sickening.

    18. And above all, be free.