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18 Pictures That'll Make You Wince And Then Whisper To Yourself, "Damn, That Sucks"


1. We'll start with the asshole who broke into a store just to steal a bagel:

2. DAMN itttttt:

3. This guy who got his cash snatched by an angry bird:

4. Where do you even go from here:

5. This car was no match for THAT bike:

6. Speaking of bikes, oof:

7. What a shitty situation:

8. WARNING, Ramen and white hats do not mix:

9. NO, NO, NO:

10. Love the great outdoors? What could go wrong? Losing your glasses while rock climbing:

11. Apparently, forgetting to empty the plane bathroom is a thing that like, happens:

12. This poor, poor guy:

13. Tries to paint once:

14. "What's the worst thing that could happen while cooking," you ask? This:

15. Clearly there was traffic for a reason:

16. And finally...I'll just leave you with this: