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Further Proof That Justin Bieber Is A Changed Man

"If they hate then let 'em hate and watch the money pile up."

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The world's swaggiest young adult, Justin Bieber is Seventeen Magazine's June/July cover star.

Seventeen / Via

Bieb's looks on point on the cover. But ... if you look closely, something is MISSING! Where's Bieber's mustache???

Seventeen / Via

Biebs has been sporting a "peach fuzz" mustache for some time now.

Presumably it was his way of showing the world that he was growing up and transitioning from a boy into a man.


It's become a sort of, constant comfort for Beliebers everywhere.


And honestly, the mustache suits Bieber.

But, oh no, it's gone!

Seventeen / Via

Despite Bieber being sans mustache, this is a great lesson for us all. Sometimes, for work or whatever else, we have to conform and do things we may not want to do.

But don't worry Bieber mustache lovers, the silver lining in all of this is that it will GROW back. Hopefully this time much fuller too!

In the meantime, while we all wait with baited breath for Bieber's mustache to grow back, make sure you read his Seventeen profile and check out the full photo spread.

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