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21 Mind-Blowing One-Sentence Facts That'll Make You Feel Stoned

Lol, life is wild.

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1. One day this rings true:

Monkeybusinessimages / Getty Images

2. It depends on how you say it but, yeah:

3. This one is a quote, but still good:

4. Those pyramids are pretty f'n old:

Hulton Archive / Getty Images

5. Whoops:

6. Woah, dude:

7. You probably didn't realize this:

8. This one's deep:

9. Outer space actually isn't THAT far away, if you think about it:

10. Nintendo was established in 1889:

11. I guess you're right:

12. Time is a flat line, or something:

13. Makes sense:

14. If you want to live forever, become a Jellyfish:

Takashi Murai / Takashi Murai/The New York Times Syndicate/Redux

15. Little things you probably forget:

16. China is HUGE:

17. It takes Pluto 248 years to orbit the sun:

Nasa / Getty Images

18. The body knows, what it knows:

19. Disneyworld is big AF:

20. WoW impact:


21. And finally this is sad, but there was a silver lining:

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