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See What Mike Epps Has To Say About Rap Beefs, Donald Trump, And The Kardashians

The stars of Survivor's Remorse give hot takes on the hot topics.

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Jessie: "Air ball all day...didn't she take it back?"


Mike: "I'm a Colts fan baby."

Jessie: "Awww naw, get out of here! Air ball, man!"


Mike: "Air-mutha-fuckin-ball. Even though I'm staying in his hotel room right now at the Trump. He charged me $500 for smoking in my hotel room last night."

Jessie: "Man, the biggest air ball."

Mike: "He wasn't lying."

Jessie: "Well that's true, but I think it was a bad idea."

Mike: "Well I think he got what he wanted to get out of it."


Jessie: (to Mike) "You think it's a slam dunk? Well, it's a slam dunk on Meek's part!"

Both: "Slam."


Mike: it's some bullshit.

Jessie: "I'm gonna have to go air ball with that one, wasn't nothin good about that from the get-go. She's 17, man..."

Note: Kylie Jenner is now 18, but at the time of this interview the teenage reality star was 17 years old.


Jessie: "I've only seen like one shot and it didn't seem..."

Mike: "She looked like Elvis..."

Mike: "For women..."

Jessie: "I'll say slam dunk, only because I've seen some really creative things happen with selfie sticks."

Jessie: "Oh for sure. I love Snapchat."

Mike: "I don't know shit about Snapchat, but..."