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Someone Got Michael Phelps "Angry" Face Tattooed On Their Leg

Phelp's iconic face will now live on forever on this guy's leg.

A Michael Phelps fan named Ricky has wasted no time getting the gold medalist's iconic "Darth Vader" face tattooed on his leg.

The ink was drawn by Canadian artist, Livia Tsang. Tsang, who works at Chronic Ink in Toronto, Canada, confirmed to BuzzFeed News that the tattoo was legit.

Ricky is the owner of Chronic ink where Tsang works and is her boss. She said that they both decided to do it spontaneously.

And then my boss let me tattoo @MichaelPhelps on him.... #Rio2016 #Olympics #PhelpsFace

Tsang explained to BuzzFeed News that Ricky got the tattoo for a combination of reasons. First, he's a Phelps fan, he really admires the qualities that Phelps has, particularly his perseverance and determination.

"Those are elements that he really respects about him," Tsang said. "We're planning on doing more portraits of star athletes on his leg and we figured Phelps would be a good one to add."

"We knew what we were getting into when we did the tattoo and when we put it online," Tsang said.

Snapchat / ChronicInk

Coincidentally, Tsang is the same artist that tattooed singer Shawn Mendes.

Livia Tsang

Here they are together with the finished product on Shawn's forearm.

Livia Tsang / Via Twitter: @liviatsang

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