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17 Things We Have Today That You Would Have Never Believed Were Possible 10 Years Ago

The future is kinda here already.

1. Being perfectly OK with getting into strangers cars — aka Uber:

2. Or what about AirBnB and the fact that you're staying in a stranger's house for money?

3. Venmo!

4. Speaking of money...what about digital money, aka Bitcoin:

5. Twitter implementing 280 characters!!!!

now that i have 280 characters all tweets to me must be a correctly formatted research paper. paper must include: -…

Sure, 140 characters was limiting, but it made you work. Well...this year Twitter threw that out the window and doubled the limit. More space for more ~opinions~, and more space for the trolls.

6. Um, Instagram:

7. Snapchat, especially those face filters:

While we're on Snapchat, would you have ever believed that a dancing Hot Dog would be so popular?!

8. Social media celebrities:

9. An iPhone that you unlock with YOUR FACE:

10. OK, what about ordering Starbucks from your phone and not having to speak with ANYONE:

11. Netflix and streaming in general:

12. VR headsets:

13. Self-driving cars!

14. A fully portable Nintendo!

15. Memes going from this:

16. To this:

17. And vaping:

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