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Concrete Proof That Kylie Jenner Is The Most Influential Teen Alive

Kim better watch the throne.

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Kylie Jenner is a teenage dream.


At 17, she's already a style icon.

Jason Merritt / Getty

And speaking of style, when it comes to putting together an outfit, she's light-years ahead of her peers.

Kalifornia-Klasss / Via

She's worth $5 million on her own.

TBS / Via

She's already diversifying her income, too, with her very own hair extension line.

She has a clothing line with sister Kendall.


And she just dropped a cool $2.7 million on her first crib.

Kylie's new house 😍😲🙀 @KylieJenner

Brother-in-law Kanye West realized Kylie's influence and put her in his very first fashion show for Adidas.

Theo Wargo / Getty Images

She has her own character in her sister's incredibly popular video game.

instagram.comkimkardashian / Via

Her popularity is becoming so much that she had to apply to trademark her name to keep the fakes off her back.

PopSugar / Via

Let's not forget that she started an ENTIRE MOVEMENT of kids who wanted their lips to look like hers — remember the Kylie Jenner Challenge?

WATCH: #KylieJennerChallenge -- girls want her fat lips

She's always the center of attention.

Instagram: @kyliejenner / Via

Her swag is light-years ahead of its time.


In fact, she's just mature beyond her years in general.

Tumblr / Via

She does whatever she wants, like snapping and driving.

And doesn't care what anybody else thinks.

E! / Via

She's the princess of selfies, which is obviously this generation's most impactful form of self-expression.

Giphy / Via

She inspires us all to be our best selves and exude confidence.

But she's OK with being a little weird, too.

And her squad pics are legendary:

Despite having fewer followers on Instagram than sisters Kim and Kendall, she always gets the most likes.


And she gives zero fucks what the public thinks about her and her man. / Via

And even with all this, at the end of the day, she's still just a normal teen.

E! / Via

Never change, Kylie.


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