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    17 Legit Summer Hacks Every Guy Should Know

    Make sure your balls are dry, pits aren't yellow, and that you understand the value of good moisturizer.

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    1. Keep your balls dry.

    2. Get a fucking pedicure.

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    There's no reason guys shouldn't be getting pedicures, especially if you're wearing any type of sandal or open-toed shoe during the summer. They feel really good— who doesn't enjoy a foot massage —and the technicians can remove more gunk, grime, and dead skin than you can by just clipping your toenails occasionally. You don't have to get them weekly, but definitely enough to maintain healthy foot hygiene.

    3. Use deodorant for more than just your underarms.

    Deodorant keeps your underarms fresh and it can also have the same effect on your feet. Using it prevents sweat and can also reduce chafing caused by shoes.

    Bonus: some people wear deodorant on their feet when they're breaking in new shoes as well because it reduces friction.

    4. Keep your shoes from smelling like shit.

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    Despite coating your feet in deodorant to prevent sweating, your shoes probably will still stink if you go sockless for too many consecutive days. When you're not wearing your shoes stick these homemade air fresheners in them and they stay smellin' good for way longer.

    5. And then keep them white all summer.

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    There are tons of products out there that can help keep your white kicks fresh all summer long. But nothing beats baking soda, peroxide, a toothbrush, and warm water. If you happen to have suede shoes, a little sandpaper can go a long way to remove dirt and debris, too.

    6. Use baby powder to get rid of unwanted sand and smells.

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    After a long day at the beach you probably have sand stuck places you wouldn't expect, and don't want. But fear not, if you bring a small bottle of baby powder with you, you can get rid of pesky sand almost instantly. Cover your hands with the baby powder and rub the areas where you don't want the sand to be anymore. The sand should fall right off. This works because the baby powder saps up extra water on your skin (that the sand stuck to) and should fall right off.

    7. Know how to roll your sleeves and pants.

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    Despite it being hot out some people still have to wear a shirt or long sleeves to the office. Sorry bro, but don't worry, all hope is not lost. Learn how to fashionably roll your sleeves up so that you can cool off.

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    Equally important is knowing how to roll up jeans — in the event you want to give your ankles from fresh air. This is a nice trick for trousers or jeans especially if you're attending an outdoor wedding or just want to have a different yet fashionable look.

    8. Make your own jean short cutoffs, if you want.

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    Making jorts is super simple. Grab an old pair of jeans and cut 'em up! It'll save you money and time. If you want a funny step by step guide, check the above video.

    9. Choose the right sunglasses for your face shape.

    This easy chart will help you figure out what frame works best with your face shape.

    Pro tip: I wouldn't recommend spending gobs of money on sunglasses because unless you're extra, extra careful they usually end up lost or broken. The struggle is real.

    10. Understand the value of an undershirt.

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    OK so, I know it's hot in the summer and everything, but if you have to wear any sort of collared shirt — whether to work or a wedding — you may want to consider wearing a t-shirt under it. The t-shirt will catch all of the sweat, preventing pit stains and yellowed shirts. And if you can no longer bear to keep your top shirt on at least you'll have a breezy one underneath. Kind of a win, win tbh.

    11. Avoid getting stains under the arms of your white shirts.

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    As mentioned above, the easiest way to prevent this is to simply wear an undershirt under your shirt. I realize that sometimes that's difficult because it's so freakin hot. So if you need an alternative (or you already have white shirts that are yellowed) try these four different hacks to get rid of pit stains and prevent them.

    12. Know how to chill beer or wine quickly.

    There are a million ways to do this, but a very simple and easy one is to wet a paper towel, wrap it around your beer or wine bottle and stick it in the freezer for 15-20 minutes. Voila, (almost instant) cold drinks!

    13. Learn the value of moisturizing your face, and make sure you use SPF.

    Moisturizing your face is fucking important. It's not just some mumbo jumbo invented to make you spend more money. It actually helps reduce wrinkles, protect your face from the elements, and if you pick one with SPF it'll block the sun's harmful rays. Basically, moisturizing is great in both the short- and long-term, so start doing it in the summer and then do it every season.

    14. Know how to keep plants alive.

    OK so this isn't necessarily just a summer thing, but if you're the type of person who tends to buy more plants in the summer then you should definitely know how to keep them alive. Whether you have a green thumb or not, houseplants are great because they make your place look nice, and help keep the air clean, too.

    15. Know how to make a few go-to summer cocktails.

    Since it's summer you're probably planning on having a party, BBQ, or simply inviting a date back to your place, right? Knock their socks off with a custom cocktail that's just as tasty as it is boozy. There's a full list of amazing cocktails that span the entire alcochol spectrum here and here.

    16. Know how to grill.

    Summer and grilling basically go hand in hand, so if you're a novice to cooking outdoors this hand graphic will help you become a pro. Grilling also isn't just for meats either.

    Pro tip: grilled pizza is literally light years better than delivery too.

    17. And finally, know how to keep your luggage fresh.

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    Piling in and piling out clothes for weekend trips can cause your bag to get a little funky from time to time. In between uses crush up some newspaper and zip up your bag and the funk from the last trip should vanish in a few days.