17 Legit Summer Hacks Every Guy Should Know

    Make sure your balls are dry, pits aren't yellow, and that you understand the value of good moisturizer.

    1. Keep your balls dry.

    2. Get a fucking pedicure.

    3. Use deodorant for more than just your underarms.

    4. Keep your shoes from smelling like shit.

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    Despite coating your feet in deodorant to prevent sweating, your shoes probably will still stink if you go sockless for too many consecutive days. When you're not wearing your shoes stick these homemade air fresheners in them and they stay smellin' good for way longer.

    5. And then keep them white all summer.

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    There are tons of products out there that can help keep your white kicks fresh all summer long. But nothing beats baking soda, peroxide, a toothbrush, and warm water. If you happen to have suede shoes, a little sandpaper can go a long way to remove dirt and debris, too.

    6. Use baby powder to get rid of unwanted sand and smells.

    7. Know how to roll your sleeves and pants.

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    Despite it being hot out some people still have to wear a shirt or long sleeves to the office. Sorry bro, but don't worry, all hope is not lost. Learn how to fashionably roll your sleeves up so that you can cool off.

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    Equally important is knowing how to roll up jeans — in the event you want to give your ankles from fresh air. This is a nice trick for trousers or jeans especially if you're attending an outdoor wedding or just want to have a different yet fashionable look.

    8. Make your own jean short cutoffs, if you want.

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    Making jorts is super simple. Grab an old pair of jeans and cut 'em up! It'll save you money and time. If you want a funny step by step guide, check the above video.

    9. Choose the right sunglasses for your face shape.

    10. Understand the value of an undershirt.

    11. Avoid getting stains under the arms of your white shirts.

    12. Know how to chill beer or wine quickly.

    13. Learn the value of moisturizing your face, and make sure you use SPF.

    14. Know how to keep plants alive.

    15. Know how to make a few go-to summer cocktails.

    16. Know how to grill.

    17. And finally, know how to keep your luggage fresh.