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Last Night Justin Bieber Showed The World How Much Of A Swaglord He Is

Don't stop Beliebin'.

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Bieb's very swagtastic ensemble propelled him to the ranks of "best dressed" men at the event.

Rousteing designed Bieber's look, and it's hard to stop staring at how dope this jacket is!

Look at this masterpiece. Rousteing said it took him an entire month to make it!

After Bieber's roast a few months ago, maybe the young star is finally shaking his "bad boy" ways? / Via Instagram: @balmainparis

Former Vogue editor-at-large Andre Leon Talley tried to throw Bieber off by asking what he thought of Kate McKinnon's SNL impressions of him.

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See! He's totally changing! How can one remain on their best behavior in the presence of notorious jokster Cara Delevingne? Bieber, that's who.

It had to have also been extremely difficult for him not to have fallen under Gaga's eyebrow's spell.

He wasn't even shocked when Donatella Versace seemingly fell asleep as this photo was taken.